1) Biologists with background in membrane protein expression, purification and characterization

2) Physicists with background in atomic force microscopy development, application and data analysis

… for the analysis of dynamics in transmembrane channels, transporters and receptors in response to environmental stimuli


You are on the webpage of the Bio-AFM-Lab @ Weill Cornell Medicine, New York, USA

We perform atomic force microscopy (AFM) based research of biological samples, with a particular interest in membrane phenomena. Our data reports about the structure, dynamics, diffusion, interaction, mechanics and supramolecular assembly of membrane proteins and other membrane constituents.

Biological keywords:

  • Membrane protein
  • Membrane structure
  • Membrane dynamics
  • Diffusion
  • Conformational changes
  • Supramolecular assembly

Technical keywords:

  • High-speed Atomic Force Microscopy
  • High-resolution Atomic Force Microscopy
  • High-speed Force Spectroscopy
  • AFM Force Spectroscopy
  • Single molecule
  • Nanoscience

This site provides contact information, references of publications, etc.

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Simon Scheuring
email: sis2019(at)med.cornell.edu