Review Articles

Structure and dynamics of ESCRT-III membrane remodeling proteins by high-speed atomic force microscopy
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2023, 299(4),
Nebojsa Jukic, Alma P. Perrino, Lorena Redondo-Morata, Simon Scheuring*

Perspectives in scanning probe microscopy from the 2021 joint international scanning probe microscopy and scanning probe microscopy on soft and polymeric materials conference
Microscopy and Analysis, 2021, 57(1): 10.1002/was.00170317
Liam Collins*, Jason P. Killgore*, Samuel Berweger, Johanna Blass, Rachael Cohn, Charles A. Clifford, Neus Domingo, Georg Fantner, Takeshi Fukuma, Ricardo Garcia, Rajiv Giridharagopal, Gabriel Gomila, Peter Hinterdorfer, Sergei Kalinin, Philippe Leclère, Ken Nakajima, Bede Pittenger, Alice Pyne, Simon Scheuring, Igor Sokolov, Rama Vasudevan, Dalia Yablon

Scanning Probe Microscopy
Nature Reviews Methods Primers, 2021, 1(36): 1-36
Ke Bian*, Christoph Gerber*, Andreas J. Heinrich*, Daniel J. Müller*, Simon Scheuring* & Ying Jiang*

High-speed atomic force microscopy tracks the dynamic parts of the ribosome
PNAS, 2021, 118(4) e2024413118.
Simon Scheuring*

Advances in high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM) reveal dynamics of transmembrane channels and transporters
Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 2019, 57: 93-102
George Heath & Simon Scheuring*

Applications of high-speed atomic force microscopy to real-time visualization of dynamic biomolecular processes
BBA, 2018, 1862(2): 229-240. doi:10.1016/j.bbagen.2017.07.010
Takayuki Uchihashi* & Simon Scheuring

High-speed atomic force microscopy: Imaging and force spectroscopy
FEBS Letters, 2014, 588 (19): 3631-3638
Frédéric Eghiaian, Felix Rico, Adai Colom, Ignacio Casuso, & Simon Scheuring*

Filming biomolecular processes by High-Speed AFM
Chemical Reviews, 2014, 114 (6): 3120-3188
Toshio Ando*, Takayuki Uchihashi, & Simon Scheuring

Mechanics of proteins with a focus on atomic force microscopy
Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 2013, 11 (1): DOI:10.1186/1477-3155-11
Felix Rico*, Annafrancesca Rigato, Laura Picas, Simon Scheuring

High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy tracks toxin action (New & Notable)
Biophysical Journal, 2013, 105 (6): 1292
Simon Scheuring*

Probing the native assembly of the photosynthetic apparatus by atomic force microscopy
Trends In Plant Science, 2013, 18 (5): 277-286
Lu-Ning Liu* & Simon Scheuring*

AFMBioMed Conference: Paris, France, August 2011 – Editorial
Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2012, 25 (5): 239-40
Simon Scheuring, Pierre Parot, & Jean-Luc Pellequer

High-speed atomic force microscopy: Structure and dynamics of single molecules
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2011, 15 (11): 704-709
Ignacio Casuso, Felix Rico & Simon Scheuring*

Eye lens membrane junctional microdomains: a comparison between healthy and pathological cases
New Journal of Physics, 2011, 13 (8): 85016-85028
Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Pierre Sens, Francine Behar-Coheen & Simon Scheuring*

Förster energy transfer theory as reflected in the structures of photosynthetic light-harvesting systems
ChemPhysChem, 2011, 12 (3): 518-531
Melih Sener, Johan Strümpfer, Jen Hsin, Daniel Chandler, Simon Scheuring, C. Neil Hunter & Klaus Schulten*

Biological AFM : Where we come from – where we are – where we may go
Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2011, 24 (3): 406-413
Ignacio Casuso, Felix Rico & Simon Scheuring*

Atomic Force Microscopy: Probing the spatial organization, interactions and elasticity of microbial cell envelopes at molecular resolution
Mol Microbiol, 2010, 75 (6): 1327-1336
Simon Scheuring & Yves F Dufrêne*

Atomic force microscopy of the bacterial photosynthetic apparatus: Plain pictures of an elaborate machinery
Photosynthesis Research, 2009, 102 (2): 197-201
Simon Scheuring* & James N Sturgis

Mini review on the structure and supramolecular assembly of VDAC
Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes, 2008, 40 (3): 133-138
Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Nikolay Buzhynskyy & Simon Scheuring*

AFM BioMed 2007: past, present and future of atomic force microscopy in biology and medicine
Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2007, 20 (6): 418-431
Pierre Parot*, Yves Dufrêne, Peter Hinterdorfer, Christian Le Grimellec, Daniel Navajas, Jean-Luc Pellequer & Simon Scheuring

AFM studies of the supramolecular assembly of bacterial photosynthetic core complexes
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 2006, 10 (5): 387-393
Simon Scheuring*

Single molecule studies of membrane proteins
Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 2006, 16 (1): 489-495
Daniel J Müller*, Tanuj Sapra, Simon Scheuring, Alexej Kedrov, Patrick Frederix, Dimitrios Fotiadis, & Andreas Engel

High-resolution imaging and force measurement of individual membrane proteins by AFM
Current Nanoscience, 2006, 2 (4): 329-335
Filipp Oesterhelt & Simon Scheuring*

Manipulating and imaging individual membrane proteins by AFM
Surface and Interface Analysis, 2006, 38 (11): 1413-1418
Rui Pedro Gonçalves & Simon Scheuring*

High-resolution imaging and manipulation of membrane proteins by AFM
Imaging and Microscopy, 2005, 2, 42-44
Simon Scheuring*

Watching the components of photosynthetic bacterial membranes and their ‘in situ’ organization by atomic force microscopy
BBA Biomembranes, 2005, 1712 (2): 109-127
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Imaging and manipulation of biological structures with the AFM
Micron, 2002, 33 (4): 385-397
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Two-dimensional crystals: A powerful approach to assess structure, function and dynamics of membrane proteins
FEBS Letters, 2001, 504 (3): 166-172
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Single Mol, 2001, 2 (2): 59-67
Simon Scheuring, Dimitrios Fotiadis, Clemens Möller, Andreas Engel & Daniel J Müller*

Conformational changes, flexibilities and intramolecular forces observed on individual proteins using AFM
Single Mol, 2000, 1 (2): 115-118
Daniel J Müller, Dimitrios Fotiadis, Clemens Möller, Simon Scheuring, & Andreas Engel*