Research Articles

Dynamic subunit turnover in ESCRT-III assemblies is regulated by Vps4 to mediate membrane remodelling during cytokinesis
Nature Cell Biology, 2017, 19(7): Jun 12. doi: 10.1038/ncb3559
Beata Mierzwa#, Nicolas Chiaruttini#, Lorena Redondo-Morata#, Joachim Moser von Filseck, Julia König, Jorge Larios, Ina Poser, Thomas Müller-Reichert, Simon Scheuring, Aurélien Roux* & Daniel Gehrlich*

Dynamin-dependent membrane constriction and fission observed by High-Speed AFM
PNAS, 2017, 114(21):5449-5454. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1619578114
Adai Colom, Lorena Redondo-Morata, Nicolas Chiaruttini, Aurélien Roux* & Simon Scheuring*

High-frequency microrheology reveals cytoskeleton dynamics in living cells
Nature Physics, 2017, doi: 10.1038/nphys4104
Annafrancesca Rigato, Atsushi Miyagi & Simon Scheuring & Felix Rico*

Real-time Visualization of Phospholipid Degradation by Outer Membrane Phospholipase A using High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy
J Mol Biol, 2017, 429(7):977–986;
Martina Rangl, Luca Rima, Jessica Klement, Atsushi Miyagi, Sandro Keller* & Simon Scheuring*

Direct visualization of glutamate transporter elevator mechanism in substrate transport by high-speed AFM
PNAS, 2017, 114(7):1584-1588; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1616413114
Yi Ruan, Atsushi Miyagi, Xiaoyu Wang, Mohamed Chami, Olga Boudker* & Simon Scheuring*

Engineering a pH responsive pore forming protein
Scientific Reports, 2017, 7:42231; doi: 10.1038/srep42231
Matic Kisovec, Saša Rezelj, Primož Knap, Miša Mojca Cajnko, Simon Caserman, Ajda Flašker, Nada Žnidaršič, Matej Repič, Janez Mavri, Yi Ruan, Simon Scheuring, Marjetka Podobnik, and Gregor Anderluh

Temperature-controlled high-speed AFM: Real time observation of ripple-phase transitions.
Small, 2016, 12(44):6106-6113
Hirohide Takahashi#, Atsushi Miyagi# Lorena Redondo-Morata & Simon Scheuring*

Identification of a Membrane-Bound Prepore Species Clarifies the Lytic Mechanism of Actinoporins.
J Biol Chem, 2016, 291(37):19210-19219
Koldo Morante, Augusto Bellomio, David Gil-Cartón, Lorena Redondo-Morata, Jesús Sot, Simon Scheuring, Mikel Valle, Juan Manuel González-Mañas, Kouhei Tsumoto & Jose M.M. Caaveiro*

Automated force controller for amplitude modulation AFM.
Review of Scientific Instruments, 2016, 87(5):
Atsushi Miyagi* & Simon Scheuring*

Real-time visualization of conformational changes upon ligand unbinding from single MloK1 cyclic nucleotide-modulated channels.
Nature Communications, 2016, 7: doi:10.1038/ncomms12789
Martina Rangl, Atsushi Miyagi, Julia Kowal, Henning Stahlberg, Crina Nimigean* & Simon Scheuring*

Effect of statins on the (nano)mechanical stability of supported lipid bilayers.
Biophys J, 2016, 111(2): 363–372
Lorena Redondo-Morata, Lea Sanford, Olaf Sparre Andersen & Simon Scheuring*

High-speed atomic force microscopy shows that annexin-V stabilizes membranes on the second timescale.
Nature Nanotechnology, 2016, 11: 783-790
Atsushi Miyagi, Martina Rangl, Christophe Chipot & Simon Scheuring*

Listeriolysin-O membrane damaging activity involves arc formation and lineaction – implication for Listeria monocytogenes escape from phagocytic vacuole.
PLOS Pathogens, 2016, 12(4):e1005597. doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005597
Yi Ruan, Sasa Rezelj, Apolonija Bedina Zavec, Gregor Anderluh* & Simon Scheuring*

Temperature-switchable control of ligand display on adlayers of mixed poly(lysine)-g-(PEO) and poly(lysine)-g-(ligand-modified poly-N-isopropylacrylamide).
Biomacromolecules, 2016, 17(5):1727-1736
Fabrice Dalier, Frédéric Eghiaian, Simon Scheuring, Emmanuelle Marie & Christophe Tribet* 

Glass-like membrane protein diffusion in a crowded membrane.
ACS Nano, 2016, 10(2): 2584-2590
Ignacio LB Munguira#, Ignacio Casuso#, Hirohide Takahashi, Felix Rico, Atsushi Miyagi, Mohamed Chami & Simon Scheuring*

Compression of ESCRT-III spiral springs drives membrane deformation.
Cell, 2015, in press
Nicolas Chiaruttini#, Lorena Redondo#, Frédéric Humbert, Martin Lenz*, Simon Scheuring*, Aurélien Roux*

Atomic Force Microscopy Mechanical Mapping of Micropatterned Cells Shows Adhesion Geometry-Dependent Mechanical Response on Local and Global Scales.
ACS Nano, 2015, 9 (6): 5846–5856
Annafrancesca Rigato, Felix Rico, Frédéric Eghiaian, Mathieu Piel, and Simon Scheuring*

Structural, dynamical and mechanical variability of the cytoskeletal cortex in live cells
Biophys J, 2015, 108 (6): 1330-1340
Frederic Eghiaian, Annafrancesca Rigato & Simon Scheuring*

Cannabinoid-induced actomyosin contractility shapes neuronal morphology and growth
eLife, 2014, DOI:10.7554/eLife.03159
Alexandre Roland, Ana Ricobaraza, Damien Carrel, Benjamin Jordan, Felix Rico, Anne Simon, Marie Humbert-Claude, Jeremy Ferrier, Maureen McFadden, Simon Scheuring, and Zsolt Lenkei*

Light harvesting by lamellar chromatophores in Rhodospirillum photometricum
Biophys J, 2014, 106 (11): 2503-2510
Danielle Chandler, Johan Strümpfer, Melih Sener, Simon Scheuring, Klaus Schulten*

The architecture of Rhodobacter sphaeroides chromatophores
BBA Bioenergetics, 2014, 1837 (8): 1263-1270
Simon Scheuring*, Reinat Nevo, Lu-Ning Liu, Stéphanie Mangenot, Dana Charuvi, Thomas Boudier, Pierre Hubert, James N Sturgis & Ziv Reich

Ligand-induced structural changes in the cyclic nucleotide-modulated potassium channel MloK1
Nature Communications, 2014, 5: 3106, DOI:10.1038/ncomms4106
Julia Kowal, Mohamed Chami, Paul Baumgartner, Marcel Arheit, Po-Lin Chiu, Martina Rangl, Simon Scheuring, Gunnar F Schröder, Crina M Nimigean*, & Henning Stahlberg*

High-speed force spectroscopy unfolds titin at the velocity of molecular dynamics simulations
Science, 2013, 342 (6159): 741-743
Felix Rico, Laura Gonzalez, Ignacio Casuso, Manel Puig & Simon Scheuring*

Cellular capsules as a tool for multicellular spheroid production and for investigating the mechanics of tumor progression in vitro
PNAS, 2013, 110 (37): 14843-14848
Kévin Alessandri, Bibhu Ranjan Sarangi,Vasily Valérïévitch Gurchenkov, Bidisha Sinha, Tobias Reinhold Kießling, Luc Fetler, Felix Rico, Simon Scheuring, Christophe Lamaze, Anthony Simon, Sara Geraldo, Danijela Vignjević, Hugo Doméjean, Leslie Rolland, Anette Funfak, Jerome Bibette, Nicolas Bremond, & Pierre Nassoy

A hybrid high-speed atomic force-optical microscope for visualising single membrane proteins on eukaryotic cells
Nature Communications, 2013, 4: 2155, DOI:10.1038/ncomms3155
Adai Colom#, Ignacio Casuso#, Felix Rico & Simon Scheuring*

The mechanics of membrane proteins is a signature of biological function
Soft Matter, 2013, 9 (32): 7866-7873
Felix Rico, Laura Picas, Adai Colom, Nikolay Buzhynskyy & Simon Scheuring*

Structural and mechanical heterogeneity of the erythrocyte membrane reveals hallmarks of membrane stability
ACS Nano, 2013, 7 (2): 1054-1063
Laura Picas, Felix Rico, Maxime Deforet & Simon Scheuring*

High-speed atomic force microscopy: Cooperative adhesion and dynamic equilibrium of junctional microdomain membrane proteins
J Mol Biol, 2012, 423 (2): 249-256
Adai Colom, Ignacio Casuso, Thomas Boudier & Simon Scheuring*

Characterization of the motion of membrane proteins using high speed atomic force microscopy
Nature Nanotechnology, 2012, 7 (8): 525-529
Ignacio Casuso, Jonathan Khao, Mohamed Chami, Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, Mohamed Husain, Jean-Pierre Duneau, Henning Stahlberg, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring* 

Nanomechanical characterization of stiffness of eye lens cells: A pilot study
IOVS, 2012, 53 (4): 2151-2156
Amela Hozic#, Felix Rico#, Adai Colom, Nikolay Buzhynskyy & Simon Scheuring*

Software for drift compensation, particle tracking and particle analysis of high-speed atomic force microscopy image series
J Mol Rec, 2012, 25 (5): 292-298
Mohamed Husain, Thomas Boudier, Perrine Paul-Gilloteaux, Ignacio Casuso & Simon Scheuring*

Direct quantitative measurement of mechanical properties of domain phases in lipid bilayers
Biophys J, 2012, 102 (1): L01-03. doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2011.11.4001
Laura Picas, Felix Rico & Simon Scheuring*

Rhodopsin is spatially heterogeneously distributed in rod outer segment disk membranes
J Mol Rec, 2011, 24 (3): 483-489
Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Christian Salesse & Simon Scheuring*

Mechanical mapping of single proteins at the submolecular level
Nano Letters, 2011, 11 (9): 3983-3986
Felix Rico, Chanmin Su & Simon Scheuring*

Forces guiding assembly of LH2 complexes in native membranes
PNAS, 2011, 108 (23): 9455-9459
Lu-Ning Liu, Katia Duquesne, Filipp Oesterhelt, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Two-dimensional kinetics of inter-connexin interactions from single molecule force spectroscopy
J Mol Biol, 2011, 412 (1): 72-79
Felix Rico, Atsunori Oshima, Peter Hinterdorfer, Yoshinori Fujiyoshi & Simon Scheuring*

Native architecture of the photosynthetic membrane from Rhodobacter veldkampii
J Struct Biol, 2011, 173 (1): 138-145
Lu-Ning Liu, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Experimental evidence for membrane-mediated protein-protein interaction
Biophys J, 2010, 99 (7): L47-49, doi: 10.1016/j.bpj.2010.07.028
Ignacio Casuso, Pierre Sens, Felix Rico & Simon Scheuring*

Antenna mixing in photosynthetic membranes from Phaeospirillum molischianum
PNAS, 2010, 107 (12): 5357-5362
Camille Mascle-Allemand, Katia Duquesne, Regine Lebrun, Simon Scheuring & James N. Sturgis*

Automated setpoint adjustment for biological contact mode AFM imaging
Nanotechnology, 2010, 21 (3): 35104-35111
Ignacio Casuso & Simon Scheuring*

High-resolution architecture of the outer membrane of the Gram-negative bacteria Roseobacter denitrificans
Mol Microbiol, 2009, 74 (5): 1211-1222
Szymon Jaroslawski, Katia Duquesne, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Quinone pathways in entire photosynthetic chromatophores of Rhodospirillum photometricum
J Mol Biol, 2009, 393 (1): 27-35
Luning Liu, Katia Duquesne, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Energy transfer in light-adapted photosynthetic membranes: from active to saturated photosynthesis
Biophys J, 2009, 97 (9): 2464-2473
Francesca Fassioli, Alexandra Olaya-Castro, Simon Scheuring, James N Sturgis and Neil F. Johnson*

Contact-mode high-resolution high-speed atomic force microscopy movies of the purple membrane
Biophys J, 2009, 97 (5): 1354-1361
Ignacio Casuso, Noriyuki Kodera, Christian Le Grimellec, Toshio Ando & Simon Scheuring*

Structural information, resolution, and noise in high-resolution atomic force microscopy topographs
Biophys J, 2009, 96 (9): 3822-3831
Peter Fechner, Thomas Boudier, Stéphanie Mangenot, Szymon Jaroslawski, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Malformation of junctional microdomains in type II diabetic cataract lens membranes
Pflugers Arch – Eur J Physiol, 2009, 457 (5): 1265-1274
Stéphanie Mangenot#, Nikolay Buzhynskyy#, Jean-Francois Girmens, &Simon Scheuring*

Nanoholes by soft UV nanoimprint lithography applied to study of membrane proteins
Microelectronics Engineering, 2009, 86: 583-585
Gregory Barbillon, Sylvain Held, Guillaume Agnus, Philippe Gogol, Thomas Maroutian, Simon Scheuring & Bernard Bartenlian*

Direct visualization of KirBac3.1 potassium channel gating by atomic force microscopy
J Mol Biol, 2007, 374 (2): 500-505
Szymon Jaroslawski, Brittany Zadek, Frances Ashcroft, Catherine Venien-Bryan & Simon Scheuring*

Human cataract lens membrane at subnanometer resolution
J Mol Biol, 2007, 374 (1): 162-169
Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Jean-Francois Girmens, Wolfgang Faigle, & Simon Scheuring*

Rows of ATP synthase dimers in native mitochondrial inner membranes
Biophys J, 2007, 93 (8): 2870-2876
Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Pierre Sens, Valerie Prima, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Structural models of the supramolecular organization of AQP0 and connexons in junctional microdomains
J Struct Biol, 2007, 160 (2): 385-394
Simon Scheuring*, Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Szymon Jaroslawski, Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Richard Hite & Thomas Walz

Supramolecular assembly of VDAC in native mitochondrial outer membranes
J Mol Biol, 2007, 369 (2): 413-418
Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Valerie Prima, James N Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

From high-resolution AFM topographs to atomic models of supramolecular assemblies
J Struct Biol, 2007, 159 (2): 268-276
Simon Scheuring*, Thomas Boudier & James N Sturgis

The supramolecular architecture of junctional microdomains in native lens membranes
EMBO R, 2007, 8 (1): 51-55
Nikolay Buzhynskyy, Richard K Hite, Thomas Walz, & Simon Scheuring*

2-Chamber-AFM: Probing membrane proteins separating two aqueous compartments
Nature Methods, 2006, 3 (12): 1007-1012
Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Guillaume Agnus, Pierre Sens, Christine Houssin, Bernard Bartenlian, & Simon Scheuring*

Dynamics and diffusion in photosynthetic membranes from Rhodospirillum photometricum
Biophys J, 2006, 91 (10): 3707-3717
Simon Scheuring, & James Sturgis*

The photosynthetic apparatus of Rhodopseudomonas palustris: Structures and organization
J Mol Biol, 2006, 358 (1): 83-96
Simon Scheuring*, Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Valerie Prima & James Sturgis

Architecture of the native photosynthetic apparatus of Phaeospirillum molischianum
J Struct Biol, 2005, 152 (3): 221-228
Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Alain Bernadac, James Sturgis & Simon Scheuring*

Chromatic adaptation of photosynthetic membranes
Science, 2005, 309 (5733): 484-487
Simon Scheuring*, & James Sturgis

The 4.5Å structure of human AQP2
J Mol Biol, 2005, 350 (2): 278-289
Andreas Schenk, Paul JL Werten, Simon Scheuring, Bert L de Groot, Shirley Müller, Henning Stahlberg, Ansgar Philippsen & Andreas Engel*

Structure of the dimeric PufX–containing core complex of Rhodobacter blasticus by in situ AFM
J Biol Chem, 2005, 180 (2): 1426-1431
Simon Scheuring*, Johan Busselez, & Daniel Lévy

Membrane insertion of Rhodopseudomonas acidophila light harvesting complex 2 (LH2) investigated by high resolution AFM
J Struct Biol, 2005, 149 (1): 79-86
Rui Pedro Gonçalves, Johan Busselez, Daniel Lévy, Jérôme Seguin & Simon Scheuring*

Variable LH2 stoichiometry and core clustering in native membranes of Rhodospirillum photometricum
EMBO J, 2004, 23 (21): 4127-4133
Simon Scheuring*, Jean-Louis Rigaud, & James Sturgis

Watching the photosynthetic apparatus in native membranes
PNAS, 2004, 101 (31): 11293-11297
Simon Scheuring*, James N Sturgis, Valerie Prima, Alain Bernadac, Daniel Lévy & Jean-Louis Rigaud

Carbohydrate-carbohydrate interaction provides specificity and adhesion strength for cell recognition
J Cell Biol, 2004, 165 (4), 529-537
Iwona Bucior, Simon Scheuring, Andreas Engel & Max M Burger*

Structural role of PufX in the dimerization of the photosynthetic core-complex of Rhodobacter sphaeroides
J Biol Chem, 2004, 279 (5): 3620-3626
Simon Scheuring, Francesco Francia, Johan Busselez, Bruno Andrea Melandri, Jean-Louis Rigaud, & Daniel Lévy*

Nanodissection and high-resolution imaging of the photosynthetic core-complex in native membranes of Rps viridis by AFM
PNAS, 2003, 100 (4): 1690-1693
Simon Scheuring*, Jerome Seguin, Sergio Marco, Daniel Lévy, Bruno Robert, & Jean-Louis Rigaud

AFM characterization of tilt and intrinsic flexibility of light harvesting complexes 2 (LH2)
J Mol Biol, 2003, 325 (3): 569-580
Simon Scheuring*, Jerome Seguin, Sergio Marco, Daniel Lévy, Cécile Breyton, Bruno Robert, & Jean-Louis Rigaud

Charting and unzipping the surface-layer of Corynebacterium glutamicum with the atomic force microscope
Mol Microbiol, 2002, 44 (3): 675-684
Simon Scheuring, Henning Stahlberg, Mohamed Chami, Christine Houssin, Jean-Louis Rigaud & Andreas Engel*

Sampling the conformational space of membrane protein surfaces with the AFM
Eur Biophys J, 2002, 31 (3): 172-178
Simon Scheuring, Daniel J Müller, Henning Stahlberg, Hans-Andreas Engel, & Andreas Engel*

High resolution AFM topographs of the Rubrivivax gelatinosus light-harvesting complex LH2
EMBO J, 2001, 20 (12): 3029-3035
Simon Scheuring, Francoise Reiss-Husson, Andreas Engel*, Jean-Louis Rigaud & Jean-Luc Ranck

The aquaporin sidedness revisited
J Mol Biol, 2000, 299 (5): 1271-1278
Simon Scheuring, Peter Tittmann, Henning Stahlberg, Philippe Ringler, Mario Borgnia, Peter Agre, Heinz Gross, & Andreas Engel* 

Direct observation of postadsorption aggregation of antifreeze glycoproteins on silicates
Langmuir, 2000, 16 (13): 5785-5789
Philippe Lavalle, A L DeVries, C-C C Cheng, Simon Scheuring, & Jeremy J Ramsden*

High resolution AFM topographs of the Escherichia coli water channel aquaporin Z
EMBO J, 1999, 18 (18): 4981-4987
Simon Scheuring, Philippe Ringler, Mario Borgnia, Henning Stahlberg, Daniel J Müller, Peter Agre, & Andreas Engel*

Imaging streptavidin 2D-crystals on biotinylated lipid monolayers at high resolution with the atomic force microscope
J Microscopy, 1999, 193 (1): 28-35
Simon Scheuring, Daniel J Müller, Philippe Ringler, J Bernard Heymann, & Andreas Engel*

Electrostatically balanced subnanometer imaging of biological specimens by atomic force microscopy
Biophys J, 1999, 76 (2): 1101-1111
Daniel J Müller, Dimitrios Fotiadis, Simon Scheuring, Shirley A Müller, & Andreas Engel*